Playersn is a community where people come to connect and share their valuable content; stories, feelings, thoughts and ideas. It is our priority to keep Playersn a safe place while promoting original content and authentic engagement. To balance the needs of a diverse community, we have created these guidelines to keep in mind when contributing on Playersn. Playersn upholds freedom of speech to the highest degree possible until it infringes on the rights of others to a safe environment.

Spamming: Playersn is a community for authentic engagement. While we certainly encourage users to grow their audiences through original content and earnest engagement, we do not allow spamming (e.g., follow me/follow you language, aggressive hashtagging or mentioning, irrelevant commenting or posts, etc) as a means to gain more followers or views on posts or earn points.

Graphic Content: Playersn is a place where people exchange ideas and experiences. Sometimes these contain graphic language or imagery as a means of raising awareness and to condemn it. Graphic content that is shared for sadistic effect is not welcome on Playersn. We ask that you be mindful of your audience when posting and warn potential viewers of offensive or graphic content.

Harassment: Playersn does not permit the direct abuse of private individuals. Harassment can be unwelcome and repeated messaging, threats, attacks or any other behavior on Playersn carried out in a manner likely to cause annoyance, alarm, or a reasonable fear of physical injury.

Hate Speech: Any content that incites violence or promotes prejudice or hatred toward a protected group is not permitted. We invite you to challenge the status quo as it pertains to ideas and practices. Criticism of a nation, policy, or belief system is generally acceptable, however, speech or imagery that encourages violence or discrimination against a protected group is not tolerated.

Protected groups include but are not limited to: race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity

Identity and Privacy: Playersn is a place for users to build and monetize their online social network and identity. An account may be of an individual, a business, or a charity. Authenticity is essential. Impersonating a business, organization, or another person is prohibited. Users should keep their account login credentials private. Do not provide your username and password to anyone or any site other than Playersn.

Intellectual Property: Playersn promotes and rewards original content creators. Violating copyright law by posting someone else’s content without their permission is against the Playersn terms and illegal. Some of the highest quality and most engaging content is your own. Whether it’s a photo of your dog wearing sunglasses, your favorite spot in town, or your grandpa’s 80th birthday; your friends and followers are here to get to know you. If you have a camera-phone, you’re a creator! We hope you will be inspired to show us what you can do.

We take content ownership very seriously at Playersn. Please be sure that you have the right to share content with respect to copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights before doing so.

Nudity: Pornographic or sexually explicit content is not allowed on Playersn. While we strive to respect the sharing of personal content, we do impose and enforce limitations on nudity. You should find the degree to which this content is allowed consistent with other platforms.

Self-Harm: Playersn removes any content that refers positively to self-harm, including but not limited to self-mutilation, use of hard drugs, or eating disorders.

Violent Content: The safety of the community is priority No. 1. Coordinating acts of real-world violence and/or making real threats is strictly prohibited. Inciting or lauding acts that result in physical or financial threats is not allowed. Playersn does not allow the presence of organizations with records of violent criminal or terrorist activities on our site. Any content found in violation of our terms of service will be removed. In cases where we believe there to be a legitimate risk of physical abuse or threat to public safety, law enforcement may be notified.

Reporting Activity: We ask users to help us maintain a safe and inviting community by reporting posts and users who break the rules. If you believe something violates our terms, tell us about it. You can click “more” and “Report” on any post to bring it to our attention. Our team will review and take appropriate action. Also, you can email us at [email protected] to provide more detail.

Last updated on April 28, 2019