Playersn is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming, and a virtual world. It is a unique gamified social mega-platform that connects gamers worldwide, providing an unparalleled ecosystem for gamers, publishers and developers. As of now, there are around 1.3 billion gamers who use a variety of social services online. Yet, there is no one-stop platform to cater all of their needs.

The purpose of Playersn is to create a free social mega-platform that connects gamers worldwide.

Designed By Gamers, For Gamers

Playersn is certainly more than just a passion project. Over the years, we have taken a look at the industry as a whole and noticed that gamers make up a huge sum of the world's population – yet there's no dedicated platform for Gamers, Publishers and Developers (and we're not just talking PC players here. We are talking PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and Mobile Gamers too).

Why is Playersn different from say, Steam or Raptr?

Our project will be focused, not just for PC gamers, but also to act as the social hub for all gamers worldwide. We wish to build this platform to cater to gamers with:

  •    > Social Platform with User Posts, Friends, Instant messaging &
  •    > Commenting on Community-Driven Reviews, Guides, Discussion 
  •    > Forums & Question/Answer Forums Addictive Levelling & Rewards  
  •    > Collectable Badges & Achievements 
  •    > Clans (Grouping)

This is just a small list of the type of features we are going to implement into Playersn. We want to focus on community-driven decision-making through polls and surveys from our users to include transparency and participation. 

How will this be beneficial to indie developers or publishers?

We want to cater this to indie developers and AAA publishers so that it truly is a one-stop shop for all parties involved by having:  

  •    > Dedicated Profile Pages to Build & Foster Fan Followings
  •    > Smart Targeted Advertising with Multiple Metrics Powerful Analytics 

Despite there being many avenues for developers and publishers to make revenue through our platform, we do not want to focus this platform on selling. We want this to be a comfortable environment for gamers where they do not feel that they are flustered with ads.

How are you going to prevent the toxicity that comes with connecting all types of gamers?

We strive to create a positive environment that will advocate professionalism and minimal toxicity. We will be relying on our community to help report inappropriate conduct, and we will be constantly researching/implementing new ways to keep this platform as constructive as possible without any agendas or bias.  

  •    > Smart Filtering to Prevent Spam, Profanity (with options to turn profanity off and on) and self-promotion.  
  •    > User Reporting System (Flagging) 
  •    > Community Moderators 
  •    > Voting System with Built-In Flags 

We're only human, so problems will occur, but we will do our very best to solve them as they appear, and we'll be nurturing a community that's driven on ethical principles to advocate this positive environment all throughout our platform.